I’m not okay and that’s okay…

I find it hard to say i’m alright, the hunger within for some sense of freedom is undying. I find myself moving in circles trying, trying to make sense of the chaos within me. I spend my mornings planning and re-wiring my emotions so i can boldly face the world.

I search within myself for strength, constantly giving myself pep talks on how great,gifted and fearless i am. Simple as it may sound its all i can hold on to,believing in me is all i have. In my loses and victories i am all i have. The world throws unexpected punches, leaving me bloody and weak but i too throw a couple back,i refuse to accept defeat. My spirit, refuses to to tap out. I am all powerful. Its sad how sometimes we look to the world for strength and assurance forgetting how powerful we are. I am strong! Although i say this with a shaking voice now but one day i will utter it with confidence. After repeating it perhaps a million times,maybe then i’ll say it boldly and truthfully.I’m over beating myself up for things that can’t change overnight,for me to be the best version of me i need to be at peace with me.

So today, i choose joy. I choose to work on me,my character and personal development.

Joy: noun. noun. /dʒɔɪ/  when you make peace with who you are, why you are and how you are.

Happy new week lovers,I’m back for good.I promise more positive vibes, more light and love. Please share how you keep positive and constantly keep yourself motivated.

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