2019: Another chance to be better

Starting the new year is always scary,whether you spend your new years eve at your gran’s house casually sharing and laughing over how bad your cooking still is or at a fun party with your varsity friends being young wild and free there’s always that moment where you pause,reflect,think and allow the previous years lessons to catch up with you.

“A time comes when you stop waiting for the man you want to become and start being the man you want to be” -Bruce Springsteen

New years resolutions are always daunting making a list of how perfect planned everything should go.Don’t get me wrong planning and wanting to be better paves way for growth which is great but as you push for a better you prioritize and have a clear vision what a better you looks like. We often chase financial freedom,fame,promotions and all things we feel define “success” but why not do things a little different this year.

As we thrive for success in 2019 may we remember the power of love,joy,peace,patience,self control,humility,wisdom and just be better humans. May we try to be loving spouses to our partners, patient with our siblings,friendly to strangers,helpful to all and radiate love and peace to those around you and as you dig deep in your heart to be a better person may the universe grant you a better year filled with happiness,fulfillment and all round success .

Happy 2019 lovers,may you continue to be joyful about this new year throughout all the 365 days regardless of circumstance because its a year filled with life lessons,opportunities and more blessings!

# MoreLifeMoreEverything!

Illustration by @escapingyouth Natalia Seth 

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