Written with love

I’ve always wanted to connect with people from all around the world,i believe a deep feeling of love inspired by our human nature allows us all to relate to one another. Either through art,music,poetry or just a mere smile and boom! you have a new friend.  

This need for me to share & listen to stories,life lessons and create links with people of different cultures,religions,norms and backgrounds adds color to life,it opens my eyes to the bigger picture.  A canvas of life, the realization that the world doesn’t just revolve around me and my crappy 8 to 5 job because there’s more to see,hear and experience!

So this is written with love for you;my lovers as we journey through life fighting for our dreams,never giving up,working hard and smiling  gracefully while were at it.

Lets share,learn,grow & glow together!

Lots of love


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