The Beginning of forever

Big Girls dont cry…

After five semesters of misery and lack of fulfillment i couldnt take it anymore. I had lost myslef completely,then anxiety & depression followed. I was a broke,depressed,unfulfilled,sad and an anxious student who felt like a failure. But i couldnt quit,i had to try if not for myslef atleast for my parents.

The heart wants what it wants..

I still remember the silence in the exam room as i wrote my last test as the semester was nearing an end,i knew i wouldnt be coming back. My heart was’nt in it,it never was. I had traded my soul,peace of mind and joy to make society happy,i really wanted to be the perfect daughter,student and make ”everyone” proud.It had to end!


Join me as i uncover my journey of becoming the best version of myself. Please feel free to comment,like and join the conversation

Thanks for reading



lots of love

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